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Trade In & Trade Up Program

September 1 -- October 31


The autumn season provides and excellent opportunity to take inventory and evaluate your current wardrobe and professional image needs

Don't hang on to garments you don't wear and are taking up space! 

Trade In & Trade Up to new custom made garments! 


If you have older garments that you don't like or don't fit, Trade In & Trade Up to a new garment by receiving credit for the old.  


Receive the following credits towards new custom tailored clothing:


Trade in suit
$150 applied to a new suit 


Trade in overcoat
$150 applied to a new overcoat 


Trade in sport jacket
$100 applied to a new sport jacket


Trade in trouser 

$50 applied to new a trouser


Trade in shirt
$25 applied to a new shirt


Trade in necktie
$15 applied to a new necktie



To schedule your personal appointment for

Trade In & Trade Up 


to view our Fall collection call or text 

612.750.9486 or email HERE.

All fabrics shown above are available for purchase with this promotion.




*Trade In values are not applicable towards wardrobe packages.           
*All trade in garments regardless of condition or make will be accepted.

*Trade in garments in good condition will donated. 

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