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Fitting the Clothes to the Man . . . Not the Man to the Clothes

There's nothing quite like a custom wardrobe. For one thing, the clothing literally suits each individual to exacting specifications. Over fifteen different measurements are taken to ensure a perfect fit, and your comfort and body style always are taken into account.

You will choose from an enormous selection of fabrics including wools, blends, worsteds, lambswool, camel hair, cashmere, silk & wool, silk, cottons, linens, just to name a few. And you will receive careful consultation on colors and blends that make you look your absolute best.

This service includes wardrobe consultation, image analysis, and the kind of personal attention that includes an appointment at your home or office at your convenience.

There's a certain authority to custom clothing. Only the right combination of

    -hand-set pockets
    -single-needed tailoring, and
    -double-reinforced seams

add up to a wardrobe experience that is unsurpassable. It's what you deserve, especially when you consider that you are making new impressions, each and every day.

For a great business casual wardrobe, appropriate for your office environment, Bavender Custom Clothiers offers expert advice and an exciting collection. What you select will help you look and feel professional, even when dressed in casual attire.
You'll find a comfortable look for your social casual needs, too.

Today's "off the rack" prices already are closing in on "made to measure" garments. There is no reason to settle for an almost fit, when a perfect fit is affordable and far less compromising.

The shirts and suits that you are fitted for reflect the care and commitment that only come from a custom suit and shirtmaker. They wear better, because they fit better.

The Economies of Style

Business and Business Casual

Colors, Styles, Texture and Tones

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